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Prints & NFT Gallery - ANIMALS

Hello and welcome to my nft photo & prints gallery

my name is yonatan i make photos for 20 years now

i work as a professional photographer and videographer for videoclips music shows and weddings, animals are everywhere and i always find myself communicatig with animals all around and make a lot of photography trips in nature and also in the streets around the world


i have archive of photos and i will be realeasing collections for prints and digital ownership with rights of use

the first collection is ANIMALS with 100 photos of 1/1 nft

the next collection will be for STREET 

the collections are avilable here:


photos are shipped worldwide


A4 - 250 nis

30-40 - 500 nis

50-70 - 1500 nis

1/1 nft included with print

Yoni Sherman - ANIMALS Gallery - ENGLISH.jpg
Capt32ure copy.jpg

Medium 30x40 - 500
Big 50x70 - 1500

1/1 nft + shipping included


Contact & Info



Virtual Gallery

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