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xbox Home / Xbox & PlayStation / Xbox & PlayStation News / Other News / U.S. News / Xbox One News / Xbox One Price Cut Announced / Xbox One (new!) Console Gamepad Would Cost $60 / Xbox One (new!) Console Upgrade Kit Would Cost $99 / Xbox One (new!) System and Achievements Will Be Subtly Different / Xbox One (new!) System Pass-Throughs; Less Crap / Xbox One (new!) Price Cut Announced / Project Scorpio Release Date Set For Holiday 2017 / Most Xbox One (new!) Games Will Launch for $59.99 / The Xbox One's First 'Sell' Price Cut Has Arrived Xbox One (new!) Price Cut Announced It looks like Microsoft isn’t done cashing in on the Xbox One’s success yet! It’s been four years since the Xbox One’s launch, and with sales slowing, the first big price cut for the console is here. According to a report from CVG, the Xbox One’s price has been slashed by $50 and now will cost $199 — the same as the PlayStation 4. It’s expected to arrive in stores early in 2016. The price cut should be a boon for Microsoft’s business, though the company has been cutting prices on Xbox 360 games recently too, so it’s not as simple as that. Here’s an overview of the console’s specs as well. The Xbox One will still cost $100 more than Sony’s PlayStation 4. Video games can be a devil of a business to pin down. For one thing, the best of the bunch can easily sell 10 million copies, while a far less-stellar effort can sell barely 2 million copies. As a result, we sometimes have to split hairs when figuring out how much a game should cost, and that’s what we’re talking about here. When we say that games cost between $30 and $60, what we really mean is that they cost $60 or more if you got them new, but they’re more affordable if you wait a few years. If you’re holding onto a game from a generation ago, however, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to spend a little more money on it, because you



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